This is not an official break up. 

We didn’t get ”I was with someone.”

We didn’t get ”So you thought I’d just pop the champagne and follow you around like an obedient little puppy dog?”

We didn’t get ”We’re done.”

We got ”This is not an official break up,” ”You know I will always love you the most” and ”I love you too.”

As far as I see, they’re the strongest couple right now.

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Mine: how it should be done. 

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Tegan and Sara - Messed Up (x)

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thats it sara. youve done it again. youve shattered my whole being into a million trillion pieces. i cant take it. im done. thank you for being so goddamned amazing.

messed up

credit to wojo4hitz

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Naya Rivera | 43/50

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petition for Heather to wear glasses every week

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